Cats Cradle | Charlotte Cat Boarding | Charlotte

Cats Cradle | Charlotte Cat Boarding | Charlotte

Charlotte Cat Boarding

Cats Cradle is a brand new cat boarding home, designed with your cats in mind.  We are a loving, nurturing. caring facility that provides a safe environment that allows your cats a home away from home.

If you could create the perfect vacation, for your cats, what would it include?   How about your cats’ very own suite complete with soft bedding for those long catnaps.  A sunny window for bird watching and a climbing tree for exercising.

Cats Cradle recognizes that your cats are your children and they deserve and need a caring, loving environment. Our staff are cat professionals, who love cats as much as you do.

Cats Cradle is the perfect place for a short or extended stay and we can easily accommodate multiple cat households. 

Doesn’t your cat deserve the best?